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Zinstall WinWin vs. Zinstall XP7

Compare the pros and cons for Zinstall WinWin (native migration) and Zinstall XP7 (migration by virtualization)

Both Zinstall WinWin and Zinstall XP7 are able to transfer all applications, settings and files from one computer to another.

The underlying difference between them that Zinstall XP7 provides migration by virtualization (type 2 hypervisor), and Zinstall WinWin provides native migration.

Similar functionality

Both products will transfer the entire SOURCE system to the TARGET system. This includes all
applications, settings and files, with no re-installs and without leaving anything behind. The transferred programs do not interfere with pre-installed programs on the TARGET system, so - for example – it is possible to use Microsoft Office 2007 alongside Microsoft Office 2003 from the OLD system.

Both products support all Windows versions (from XP to Windows 7), all Windows editions (from Home to Ultimate), both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. See System Requirements for more information.

The differences

Zinstall XP7

Zinstall XP7 provides migration by virtualization.  
The environment from the SOURCE system is integrated in an isolated virtual container inside TARGET system. That means that the user can instantaneously switch back and forth between the OLD and NEW environments, intuitively copy text and files between them, as well as directly access files from one another. The user works with applications from both environments– the OLD and the NEW – simultaneously, and can put shortcuts to OLD applications on the NEW desktop, launching these applications directly from the NEW desktop.

As a consequence, Zinstall XP7 also makes it possible to use applications that are natively incompatible with Windows 7 and cannot work on Windows 7 at all, such as various accounting applications, many proprietary business applications, web applications that require Internet Explorer 6, Outlook Express, etc.

This method of migration is recommended both by us and by leading industry analysts such as Gartner as well as by Microsoft itself.

Zinstall WinWin

Zinstall WinWin provides native migration (contrary to the above mentioned migration by virtualization). After this native migration, the entire environment from the SOURCE system - applications, settings and files - becomes an integral part of the TARGET system. There is one unified working environment - i.e. there is no need to switch from OLD to NEW back and forth.

When to use which?

When the migration is from Windows XP to Windows 7, and it is needed to keep the old Windows 7-incompatible applications fully operational on the TARGET system - Zinstall XP7 is the recommended product. It is also recommended to users who dislike the new Windows 7 interface, or want to keep their environment looking and feeling exactly as on the SOURCE system.

When the migration is a PC refreshment (i.e. replacing an old computer with a new one), and there is no need to preserve functionality of the above mentioned Windows 7-incompatible applications, the recommended product is Zinstall WinWin. Migrations from Vista to Windows 7, Windows 7 to Windows 7 or Windows XP to Windows XP are especially WinWin-recommended.

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