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Zinstall FAQ

Will Zinstall transfer my programs?

Yes, your programs, settings, accounts will be transferred as well - not just files.

Can I go from one Windows 10 PC to another Windows 10?

Yes. It is fully supported.

Will it erase anything on the old computer?

No. The old computer stays exactly the same - it is not changed at all.

Which Windows versions can I transfer from?

Zinstall supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You can transfer in any combination, such as Windows 7 to Windows 10, Windows Vista to Windows 7 or Windows 10 to Windows 10.

Do I need any special cables to transfer?

No, you don’t need to purchase any special cables or external hardware to do the transfer. If your computers are connected to a home network, you don’t need to do anything – Zinstall will use the network for the transfer. Otherwise, you can just use a regular network cable (like the one that connects your computer to the internet) – you probably already have one – to connect the computers directly.

How do I get Zinstall on my other computer? Do I have to buy twice?

Once you make the purchase, you can easily download Zinstall on your computers by going to our website, and clicking the "Download Your Purchase" link all the way up top on the page, next to the flag. Or just type in your Internet browser. You also get the download link in your email for convenience. You only need 1 license for both the old and the new computer - no need to buy twice.

Can I exclude some of my old programs from the transfer?

Yes, if you do not want some of your programs to transfer, you can exclude them using the Advanced menu. Note that in any case, even if you do not exclude them, existing programs on the new computer will not be overwritten. For example, if you already have a new Office on the new computer, you can safely transfer your old one - it will not overwrite the new one.

What if I already have stuff on my new computer?

That's OK. Zinstall will add what's missing, but it will never erase anything. So you can just run the transfer as is, without any special preparations.

Can I use my computers during the transfer?

Yes, you can. Just make sure not to turn them off or disconnect them. Of course, if you do accidentally stop the transfer, you can resume it by simply running Zinstall again.

What if I only have one screen?

You can transfer with just one monitor. To do that, just run Zinstall on the old computer, then switch the screen to the new computer and run Zinstall there to start the transfer.

How many computers can I use my license on?

With 1 copy of a single migration license, you can transfer 1 old computer to 1 new one (you can of course re-run as much as needed on those two). For more, you can use a Family license, or - if you are doing this for business use - a Tech license.

What kind of support do you offer?

You can contact us via email (, phone (877.444.1588) or chat (at the bottom-right corner of this page). We will be glad to help.

Can you just do the entire transfer for me?

Yes, if you prefer us to do the entire transfer for you remotely, we do have that option as well. Just go to the Full Service page here.

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