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Never bother with backups again.

Automatic, always-on, easy backup of your entire computer.

Zinstall FullBack is a fully automatic backup of your entire computer.
It covers everything you have. Not just files and pictures – your programs, software settings, accounts, emails are all protected.

Your backup is always up to date, does not slow down your computer, and won’t bother you with questions or technical configurations.

Install it in 5 minutes, forget about it, and you’ll thank yourself when time comes.

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Everything you have, anywhere you want.

It’s not just your files: your programs, settings, files, emails and accounts are all protected and available for recovery right away.

You can keep your backup anywhere: on a USB external hard drive, on a network drive, on Cloud storage such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Amazon, or even on your computer itself.

No slowdown, no scheduling, no stopping.

Even if you have millions of large files, FullBack won’t slow down your computer like traditional backups do. This way, your backup is always on and always up to date, and you won’t even feel it running. This also means that you do not have to schedule it – it just does its job, all the time!

No need to do anything.

You don’t have to be a technical guru to use FullBack.

You just install it, and it will do the rest, no questions asked.

Of course, if you prefer, you can also get under the hood and configure it in any way you want.

Stay safe from Ransomware virus attacks.

Your data is 100% protected from ransomware virus attacks. Even if your computer is compromised or encrypted, your backup stays safe and you can restore everything.

How it works

Install and Forget About It

Restore Any File

Restore Entire Computer

What Our Clients Say

Jamie Glaser

"My programs were large and very professional, not simple consumer apps. I am here to tell everyone that every single program is working 100 percent. Every single shortcut is working perfectly."

Colleen Saunders

"Zinstall was amazing! Thank you very much for saving me hours of tribulation! It worked as advertised and your instructions are what did the trick."

Michael C. Grimes, Esq.

"I had tough issues. Had to use an old backup. No muss no fuss. Got it done quickly. I'm happy as a clam. What a lucky find!"

Bill Mael

"A couple of mouse clicks and a few hours later - DONE!! - a complete and fully functional copy of my old 'puter on the new one. No problems - password, files, everything and anything at all was transferred without incident! Way to go Zinstall!"

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  • 30 day free trial
  • $14.90 monthly payment
  • Covers programs, settings, profiles and all files on your computer (total recovery)
  • Use it with any USB drive, network drive or 3rd party Cloud storage (Amazon, Dropbox and others)
You’ll be asked to provide a credit card or PayPal for the trial, but we won’t charge it. If you decide to keep the product past the trial, you will be charged $14.90 monthly.

Start Free Trial

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  • $14.90 monthly payment
  • Covers programs, settings, profiles and all files on your computer (total recovery)
  • Use it with any USB drive, network drive or 3rd party Cloud storage (Amazon, Dropbox and others)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work with Windows 11? 10?

Yes, Windows 11 and Windows 10 are fully supported, as well Windows 8.1, 8, and 7.

Where can I store the backup?

FullBack can backup to pretty much anywhere: USB drive, Network drive, Cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, B2)

Can I backup to a local drive AND to Cloud?

Yes! FullBack can backup to multiple locations at the same time, such as to USB drive and to Cloud storage.

Do I have to configure stuff myself?

No. FullBack will automatically detect and suggest the best location for your backup, and will take care of scheduling, keeping it up to date etc. No need to babysit it.

What happens in a ransomware attack?

With FullBack, you simply reset your Windows back to factory settings, and restore your programs and data from backup. No need to negotiate with or pay the hackers.

What about privacy?

Your backup is stored in secure containers, which only you can open. Even if you choose to store it on the Cloud, your Cloud provider will only see encrypted files, and will not be able to look inside them.

Can I restore to a totally different PC?

Yes, you can! You can restore to a different Windows version and different hardware. For example, restore a backup of a Windows 10 Dell desktop onto a Windows 11 64bit HP replacement laptop.
(Note that similar to insurance, there is a 30 day Initial Waiting Period from sign-up until you can do a full restore, to ensure fair use. If you just need to transfer to a new computer, use our transfer software.

Will the backup slow things down?

No. FullBack is designed to run in background, without interfering with your work. You can use the computer normally without bothering with backup schedules or configurations.
In case you are backing up to network / Cloud, FullBack will make sure to use traffic intelligently, to ensure that you are not affected by background backups.