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Zinstall allows MSPs to automate migrations and recoveries.

Turn migrations from tedious busywork into efficient, high margin jobs –
and deliver consistently incredible results to your clients.

MSPs use Zinstall software to automate PC and Server migrations. Not just files; Zinstall migrates applications (even custom or in-house), settings, profiles, personalization, shares, permissions – and, of course, all data.

This also includes all those little things that make the end-user feel at home: emails, accounts, favorites, passwords, personalization tweaks, shortcuts, icons on the desktop.

Hardware refresh, migration to new OS (such as Windows 10 to 11, or Windows Server 2012 to Server 2019), migration to Cloud (such as Azure or AWS), cross-domain migration – Zinstall products get the job done for you.

“Zinstall revolutionized our 39-year old business. It’s totally changed our company in terms of technician efficiency, completeness, and customer satisfaction. We’ve taken our valuable transfer time in front of a computer from 3 hours to about 15 minutes!

Scott Henke | Owner, Onsite Consulting

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How It Works

Server Migration

PC Migration

How do MSPs use Zinstall?

Server Migration

Cross-OS migration (such as 2008 to 2019), migration to new server hardware, on-prem to Cloud (migrating the entire application stack, not just common apps), or even Cloud-to-Cloud Server migrations (breaking out of vendor lock-in).

Azure AD

One-step migration from on-prem profiles (local or domain) to Azure AD profiles - keeping user accounts, personalization, and all files. Both in-place (same PC) and PC-to-PC.

Dead machines

Automatic recovery of applications, settings, accounts and files directly from an old drive -even if the original machine won't boot and even if the drive has bad sectors (as long as it still has the data, of course).

PC Migration

New PC provisioning while keeping the entire user environment intact, migration from old end-points to new hardware, wipe-and-reinstall without losing programs and files.

New domain

Migrating from one domain to another, while keeping user accounts, personalization, and all files. Both in-place (same PC) and PC-to-PC.

Cloud onboarding

Migration of on-prem workstations and servers (physical or virtual) to their Cloud-hosted counterparts - even if Cloud-hosted templates have a different OS version or other limitations.

“Zinstall is the only tool that could cover, with a consistently high standard of quality, all the migrations options we were looking for: network transfers, docked drives, failing systems, new workstation provisioning, backup – both for walk-in customers and on site for business clients.”

Timothy Moore | Founder and CEO, Razelle

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Not just faster. Better.

Saving time is not the only thing Zinstall is used for. It also allows you to do migrations and recoveries that are not feasible or just plain impossible to do manually.

Got a line of business server with 20 different interconnected apps that no one even remembers how to install? Zinstall is automatic, so migrating that entire stack takes the same amount of effort as migrating a single app.

Customer walks in with a dead PC? Don’t just copy their documents and pictures; use Zinstall to recover everything, including applications, profiles and settings.

Trying to get a client to switch from on-prem to Cloud? Close the deal by showing them that transition will be quick and their Cloud-hosted systems will be just like the on-prem ones.

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“We are totally happy with Zinstall results, and are impressed with the way it goes about migrating applications – even on obscure legacy servers. By our estimate, this is saving us from dozens to hundreds of hours per server.”

Robert “Rocky” Livingston | CIO & SVP Operations, USAN

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MSP Pricing

Each Zinstall license is valid for 1 source and 1 target system (PC or Server, depending on license type). You can re-run on those two, and need more licenses for more machines (licenses are not transferrable).

Here is how our MSP discounts work:

Workstation migrations (MSRP $189)

Number of licenses Price per license
10+ $60
25+ $50
100+ $35
1,000+ $25

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Server migrations (MSRP $790)

Number of licenses Price per license
2+ $632
10+ $553
100+ $474
1,000+ $395

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Before you make any purchases, you can of course get a free, no-strings-attached, evaluation license to check the product in action.

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“Compared to how we used to do migrations, Zinstall WinServ is a complete transformation. Complex server migrations are performed with minimal stress, our ability to plan is improved and overall this allows us to service the business more effectively.”

Carla Wheeler | Global CIO & CISO, Heartland Alliance

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