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Zinstall Partner Program

Zinstall Partner community include MSPs, IT Service Providers, System Integrators, VARs, PC repair shops, PC resellers and distributors (see some customer examples here). We believe in strong collaboration and ongoing contribution to our partners’ revenue and business growth.

How can Zinstall products help my business?

Zinstall products allow you to efficiently provide various migration-related services to your clients, such as full application and data transfers, new machine setups and configurations, total recovery from dead PCs, and even server migrations.

You will be able to expand your offering to your clients by providing a total transfer in a variety of scenarios, and to reduce your costs by providing those services at a fraction of your time and effort (freeing up your time to do tasks that are more interesting than installing applications and copying files).

Our products transfer programs, settings and files from one machine to another (or directly from a hard drive / backup, if the old computer is dead or unavailable). Zinstall Migration Kit Pro does this for workstations, and WinServ does the same for servers.

This is not just a file copy or clone. A Zinstall migration means that Outlook gets migrated with all accounts, emails, calendar and contacts already in place, and when you open Chrome, it is still logged into Gmail and has all of the saved passwords.

To put this in perspective, you absolutely can recover programs, personalization and files from a Dell Windows 7 32bit that doesn’t boot to a new Lenovo Windows 10 64bit laptop.

In short, our goal is to make you a hero to the customer, every time you do a transfer or recovery for them.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us to get started (or to get an evaluation copy of the product).

Partner discounts and benefits

  • Tiered discounts on all Zinstall products:
    Service providers are eligible for major discounts on license packs (up to 85% for eligible usage volumes).
    As an example, 10+ licenses are available at $50 per license (see here for discounted purchase link).
    Higher quantities come with even higher discounts (as low as $25 per license on eligible quantities).
    Retail reseller discounts start at 30% off list price (for our workstation migration products), and increase with your accumulative purchase volume.
  • Priority Partner Support, including dedicated pre-sales and technical support contacts.
  • Rebates for partner marketing activities – up to 50% credit rebate for marketing media campaigns placed by partners to drive partners migration services provided with Zinstall products
  • Partner training, including webinars, orientation sessions, personal guidance and technical product documentation
  • Sales assistance, including joint demos to partner’s VIP customers, pre-sales advisory sessions and sales training webinars and materials
  • Advertisement on Partners page at www.zinstall.com, including partner’s logo, link to partner’s website and contact details.
  • Early-bird preview of upcoming Zinstall product releases and updates
  • Lead referrals – Zinstall sales team will pro-active refer local leads in partner’s area to partner’s care
  • Deal registration – Partner is able to register their ongoing leads with Zinstall, to ensure no other reps approach the lead

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us to get started (or to get an evaluation copy of the product).