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Zinstall WinWin

WinWin transfers programs, settings and files to your new computer, automatically.
No technical skills or special cables required. Full Windows 10 support.

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What is WinWin used for?

Zinstall WinWin transfers all of your stuff from your old computer to your new one: your programs, documents, music, pictures, favorites, emails, accounts, settings - and of course all of your files. Your new computer will feel just like the old one. Your old computer remains safe and unchanged, and nothing is erased from it.

And if you have a more complicated transfer (such as transferring to an SSD drive), or if the old computer doesn't even run - we can still save your stuff. Use the Migration Kit Pro for that.

Is it difficult to use? Do I need special cables?

You don't have to be a computer guru. The product is completely automatic and intuitive to use (see video above).
You don't even need special cables. If you can connect both computers to Internet, then you are all set - nothing else is needed. If not, you can just plug a cable you already have, or go wireless. We'll help you do this.

Will Zinstall work for my computer?

Zinstall works with Windows 10 (including Windows 10 to Windows 10), Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, XP and Vista, any edition, 32- and 64-bit. You can transfer from any Windows to any Windows, any PC model to any PC model. XP or Vista to Windows 10, 7 to 10 or even Windows 10 to Windows 10 are all supported.

Why is Zinstall better than others?

Zinstall is based on unique technology and experience. Unlike other, "file mover"-style products, it transfers the complete environment (although you can of course choose what to transfer), and doesn't harm the old or the new PC. Oh, and if you want to, you can select exactly what gets transferred.

What do people say about Zinstall?

You don't need to listen to us. Here is a long list of testimonials, this is Microsoft's Windows guide suggesting Zinstall, and here are press and magazine reviews.

How it Works

Press Go on New PC
to Start Migration

WinWin Transfers Everything
from Old to New PC

Applications, Settings,
Files, have been Copied
to New PC

What Our Clients Say

Jamie Glaser

"My programs were large and very professional, not simple consumer apps. I am here to tell everyone that every single program is working 100 percent. Every single shortcut is working perfectly."

Colleen Saunders

"Zinstall was amazing! Thank you very much for saving me hours of tribulation! It worked as advertised and your instructions are what did the trick."

Bill Mael

"A couple of mouse clicks and a few hours later - DONE!! - a complete and fully functional copy of my old 'puter on the new one. No problems - password, files, everything and anything at all was transferred without incident! Way to go Zinstall!"

Michael C. Grimes, Esq.

"I had tough issues. Had to use an old backup. No muss no fuss. Got it done quickly. I'm happy as a clam. What a lucky find!"

Let’s Get Your Transfer Started.

Zinstall WinWin $119

Transfer programs and files from one computer to another

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer from Windows 10 to another Windows 10?

Yes, it is fully supported.

Should I purchase on the old computer or on the new one?

Either one works. Typically, it is more convenient to purchase on the old one.

Do I have to purchase twice?

No, one copy is valid for both old and
new computer.

How do I download on the other computer?

You can simply download it from

Does it erase anything on the old computer?

No. The old computer stays exactly the same – it is not changed at all.

How long does the transfer take?

Usually, it is several hours. It of course depends on how much stuff you have to transfer, and on your connection speed.

How do I connect the computers?

No special cables required. Just get both PC on same internet (wireless or network cables). Or, you can use a USB external drive with Migration Kit Pro.

Can I use a USB external drive for the transfer?

Yes, you just need Migration Kit Pro for that.