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Zinstall XP7 enables your legacy incompatible XP programs to continue working on your new Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer.

XP7 migrates the old XP system using virtualization. All legacy XP applications, which are inherently incompatible, are still kept working within Windows 8 or 7 or – exactly as they worked before.

This software uses the state-of-the-art Zinstall technology, and takes your programs, settings and files from your old system to the new one, with no re-installs.

And if you have any trouble or need assistance – our support team can resolve even the most problematic cases.

Transfer with confidence

All are transferred – programs, applications, music, pictures, documents, favorites, settings and personalization.

Resilient and comprehensive

Zinstall XP7 moves your XP to Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, both 32- and 64-bit.
Your old PC remains untouched, exactly as it was before.
XP7 keeps all transferred programs and applications in an isolated virtual XP container, not harming the new PC.

Superior technology

Zinstall is based on unique technology and experience. Unlike other XP VM solutions, which are provided as just a blank XP, XP7 actually transfers all your programs with no re-installs, and does not require Hardware-Assisted Virtualization to be supported by your computer.

Universally recommended

You don’t need to listen to us. Instead, see what Microsoft’s own Windows 7 Troubleshooting guide has to say about Zinstall, or read a few reviews here

Here is how it works:

Note: XP7 works for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista.
The video shows just one possible example.

Security and stability:

With Zinstall, your new system is completely protected from any viruses and malware. No corrupt system files (DLLs, registry entries, drivers) are inserted into your new Windows 8 or 7. Zinstall completely preserves your system security and stability. No matter how many applications you had on the old Windows XP, your system remains clean and fast.

100% confidence:

You get an exact copy of your old Windows XP on your new computer, and you can continue working exactly as before, with all your XP programs, settings and files.

Feel at home:

Even if you are not yet familiar with Windows 8 or 7, you will still feel at home with it – right from the start. With a single click, you can instantly switch to your old, familiar Windows XP environment. Everything works, looks and feels exactly as your old computer – even the icons on the desktop are there. With Zinstall, you can adapt to Windows 8 or 7 gradually, at your own pace.

Migration guaranteed:

We are 100% sure about our product. We are committed to making sure your migration is fully successful – just like it was for our customers from 183 countries all over the world, who already enjoy their new computers.

Zinstall XP7

Transfer incompatible apps from XP to
Windows 8 or 7.


Still hesitate? Need help? Our system engineers will accompany you step-by-step and even migrate your PC remotely over the Internet. Contact our Premium Support to schedule your Premium Migration session. Our support is available 24×7 (by appointment).